Recruitment is often considered quite a cumbersome function. Especially for larger firms, recruitment can occupy a significant amount of time and resources. As a result, some multinational corporations prefer to maintain an in-house recruitment team under their human resources department. On the other hand, some medium-sized businesses prefer to outsource their recruitment processes to external recruitment firms. However, this does not mean that outsourcing recruitment is only for small-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To clear all doubts, here is a comparison of the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing recruitment versus doing it in-house.

Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment

  1. Reduce unnecessary costs

While outsourcing recruitment often helps improve the quality of hiring, it also helps reduce unnecessary costs. By outsourcing the recruitment process, companies no longer need to maintain in-house teams for recruitment. Hence, fixed costs like the salaries of HR recruiters can be avoided. Moreover, an external recruitment agency provides integrated recruitment solutions, which further drives down recruitment costs. 

  1. Share risk responsibilities

An outsourced recruiter like Najco Qatar helps share some of the risks that come with recruitment. Najco Qatar has an excellent team of talented experts in human resources who can help your company plan your recruitment processes better. In this way, outsourcing recruitment can help you reduce risks as well.

  1. Reach more talent

External recruitment agencies have access to a wide pool of talent across Qatar and even overseas. By outsourcing your recruitment process to such a company, you too will be able to reach a wider pool of talent. This means you can hire the best of the best and gain a competitive advantage in your respective industry. 

  1. Enhance candidate experience

Not only can you get more talented candidates, but the recruitment experience for these candidates can also be made seamless. Companies like Najco Qatar that provide end-to-end recruitment services can help make the candidate experience hassle-free. This will only add to the reputation of your employer brand.

Drawbacks of Outsourcing Recruitment

  1. Be concerned about security

Outsourcing your recruitment process to an external recruiter can sometimes compromise your data security. This can sometimes happen if the recruiter misunderstands your requirement and ends up sharing your data with other consultants. 

  1. Loss of control

This is a common drawback that many companies complain about. By outsourcing recruitment functions, you can essentially lose control over your recruitment process. You will not be able to monitor the entire process and will be in a constant state of anxiety about the expertise of the external recruiters. 

  1. Beware of hidden costs

Some recruitment agencies have hidden costs that you will only find out about after the service has been provided. At the end of your recruitment drive, you may find several additional costs charged by your recruiter that were hidden previously. This can be counterintuitive and increase your overall costs of recruitment rather than reduce them.

  1. Lack of cultural fit

Qatar has a multicultural workforce. Employing a recruitment agency means you are giving up control of deciding the cultural fit of the candidate. The external recruiter may not have the best insights into your company culture. Hence, you may end up with candidates that are not culturally fit for your organization. 

The Key Takeaway

While there are significant drawbacks of outsourcing, the right recruitment company will work to nullify these drawbacks. For example, Najco Qatar specialises in deeply understanding your requirements before recruiting employees for your company. Moreover, the processes of Najco ensure that your data security is given topmost priority. Besides, you will not lose complete control with Najco because of regular feedback about the recruitment status. Apart from that, there are no hidden costs with NAJCO Qatar. Finally, NAJCO also ensures that your exact company culture is communicated to the candidates for a superior level of organizational culture fit for the potential candidates.