Qatar’s leading companies outsource their facility management to experienced firms – helping them to focus on their core business activities. It also reduces fixed costs of maintaining human resources for facility management. Nasser Al Jaber Group in Qatar provides companies with high-efficiency facility management services for this purpose. With our facility management services, you will experience – 

    • Higher operational efficiency
    • Greater return on investment from human resources
    • Optimise your premises/property and save costs

Apart from these, there are several other benefits of engaging us for managing your properties’ facilities.

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Benefits of Hiring Facility Management Services


Experts at your doorstep: NAJCO- A Facility Management Companies In Qatar ensure Facilities are Managed & maintained with highly talented & experienced team of experts to match highest industry standard. They are trained to extract the highest level of efficiency from your company assets for better overall business performance.


The epitome of efficiency within your grasp: With decades of experience in troubleshooting and maintenance, our experts can ensure optimum efficiency at your premises/property. Moreover, our experts specialise in client communication and transparency so that you can rest assured your property is in good hands.


Sustainability for future generations: The facility management solutions provided by Nasser Al Jaber Group are highly sustainable. Your site/premises will experience higher energy savings, thereby contributing to a green future.

You can choose from either Hard or Soft services under the Facility Management packages of Nasser Al Jaber Group. Both of these services provide you with all of the benefits mentioned above.

Hard Services:

  • Maintenance and Operations: Daily maintenance and operation for top-notch facility management. 
  • Lease Management: Management of lease agreements including renewals and closures, among others.
  • Occupancy and Space Management: Assistance in sourcing occupants as well as redevelopment of interior spaces.
  • Energy Management: Monitoring and control of energy consumption, energy bill payments, and tracking to increase energy efficiency and cost savings.
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  • Real Estate Management: Assistance in buying, selling, finding, and leasing facilities for both residential and commercial occupants. 
  • Landscaping: Routine Landscaping and redevelopment of outdoor spaces like gardens and public areas. 
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    Soft Services:

    • Home Improvement: Exceptional home renovations of the highest quality, delivered at competitive rates.
    • Cooler Maintenance & Cleaning: Supervision and maintenance of air cooling systems to ensure optimum and hygienic functioning throughout your property/site.
    • Disinfection: Routine disinfection and cleaning of your property/site with industry-grade safe cleaning agents.
    • Pest Control: Pest control and extermination throughout the property/site regularly as well as on an emergency basis.
    • Water Tank Cleaning: Regular tank cleaning with commercial-grade agents following approved best practices to ensure safety and hygiene. 
            • Security: Highly trained security guards as well as state-of-the-art CCTV and smart access/authentication systems to ensure 24×7 security of your property/site.
            • Plumbing & Electrical: Installation, repair, and regular maintenance of bathroom fixtures and electrical systems across your property/site.

            Why Choose Us?

            At Nasser Al Jaber Group, we prioritise the balance between quality and quantity to provide you with premium facility management services at highly competitive rates in Qatar.