Renting heavy equipment has become an increasingly popular practice with contractors in Qatar’s construction industry. An unpredictable market and the ever-rising price of construction equipment, amongst many other factors, are the pivotal cause of the growth in the rental of heavy equipment in the construction industry. For the construction industry, renting heavy construction equipment is cost-efficient and helps the business to run smoothly. 


Renting or Buying?

Firstly, renting is cost-efficient. This is because it can reduce your operational costs. It also spares you from investing heavily in the long run. Even then, choosing between buying and renting can be a pain in your nape because of several reasons. For example, buying a scissor lift for short-term sporadic jobs would be unwise.


Reasons to rent heavy equipment

Enlisted are the reasons why renting heavy equipment rentals are more feasible than buying heavy equipment in Qatar. 


  • Reduction in start-up costs

Heavy construction equipment is expensive. For a new start-up renting can save some serious cash. This can have a considerable impact on the company’s budget. Purchasing heavy construction equipment is a long-term investment which can tie you down to one particular piece of equipment. Leasing or renting equipment can save costs associated with buying. Therefore, this allows the start-ups to allocate the finance properly.  

  • No need for maintenance and storage

If you own equipment, you must also appraise related cost heads like maintenance, repair, and storage. Every piece of equipment needs particular upkeep and maintenance in order to be operated at an optimal level. Though rental equipment also needs maintenance, the maintenance cost is significantly lower than owned equipment. Besides, when it comes to storage, heavy equipment rental companies in Qatar like NAJCO can take care of it. 

  • Latest technology

Technological innovations are surfacing every single day and as a result, companies need to remain updated. The built-in features of new construction equipment often offer refined performance, efficiency and safety. This means that the operators finish their jobs with less time and effort. Many construction teams and companies think twice before purchasing these new machines because of the skyrocketing prices. However, at a temporarily affordable price, NAJCO can make the latest technology accessible for your unique construction requirements.

  • No depreciation

Machines like heavy equipment for construction are considered depreciating assets. However, there are a few machines that hold their value better than others. Nevertheless, most used machines are worth a fraction of what you actually paid for when purchasing them. If you sell your used construction machine, you are bound to lose money.  You may also incur extra costs while upgrading your construction equipment. Rental equipment is also a depreciating asset. However, this will not affect your company when you are done using it.  

  • Various equipment based on different Jobs

Renting equipment allows you to select specific equipment that is tailored to meet your job requirements. For instance, you can choose dedicated earth-moving equipment small enough to fit into a compact tent, or big enough to move heavy volumes of materials. This is an excellent reason to consider renting construction equipment as the construction projects’ demands are often quite dynamic.  



Therefore, Renting is a viable option over buying construction equipment for your business. Moreover, it is the most cost-efficient. As an additional benefit, you will be spared the maintenance and storage costs. NAJCO can provide you with the most reliable heavy equipment rentals in Qatar. You will always find the latest technology at NAJCO. Hence, NAJCO can be your one-stop partner for all types of heavy equipment rentals in Qatar.