Inspection and testing of substrate before/after preparation (rust grades, surface oil contaminations, chloride level, preparation, etc.,) to meet client requirements – Check climatic conditions (relative humidity, dew point etc., ) are suitable for surface preparation & blasting application
– Ensure that all inspection & test sequences at various stages of the work execution are carried out as per the approved ITP
– Coordinate with client and carry out the joined site inspection
– Plan and control to ensure quality of activities
– Attend project progress review meetings and contribute towards QA/QC & painting/ coating related problem solving and dealing with queries
– Review the technical data of materials & ensure the implementation of manufacture recommendations
– Inspect blasting, painting equipment and tools and verify the validity of calibration
– Monitor and ensure substrate surface prior to preparation for extent of corrosion, contaminations, imperfections, laminations and other defects,
-blast cleaning works such as solvent cleaning, pressure water washing, chipping, grinding etc.
– Monitor Blasting, Painting & Coating Materials; Storage Conditions of the Material & Shelf Life
– Monitor mixing and thinning of painting materials and ensure induction period/ pot life are maintained 2
– Monitor and Review Blasting, Painting, Coating, Fire proofing& Water proofing Operations
– Identify coating faults during and after application of coating systems, suggest rectifications and advise how to prevent the faults
– Make sure the safety of self and others while at work and participate in safety auditing