Locally available canidates in Qatar

Minimum 5 year experience required

–Prepare rigging drawings, calculations and procedures related to the systems selected for the execution of project work. Compile all into a consolidated “Rigging / Lifting Studies”.
– Develop designs for temporary structures and rigging systems to be used in the execution of heavy rigging projects
– Responsible for reviews and approvals of all sub-contract lifting and rigging plans including verifications of rigging certifications, ground bearing calculations, crane lifting capabilities and clearances.
– Perform rigging studies for defining methods and project equipment requirements
– Provide input to the project planning activities at various stages (related to lifting and transportation aspects).
– Develop rigging plans (medium lift, heavy lift, heavy haul, and critical) and perform engineering design calculations.
– Review and approve heavy haul, critical, and heavy lift rigging plans -Ensures safe rigging operations at the project site.
– Provide field supervision and execution of the heavy haul and heavy lift operations.
– Ensure compliance with company Rigging Standard Work Process Procedures at the jobsite.
– Coordinate and supervise subcontractor work at the job site
– Ensures the promotion/implementation of Company Lifting & Handling procedures and safety culture on site.
– Participates in the Coaching, Mentoring and Training of Rigging Foreman, Chargehands and Riggers.
– To be involved in plans internal audits of the lifting operations, participates in lifting operations incident investigation and analyses.