Real Estate

According to recent statistics, the real estate market of Qatar is set to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% by 2027. With the help of Nasser Al Jaber Group’s strategic real estate services, you too will now be able to cash in on this growing market. At Nasser Al Jaber Group, you have industry experts and consultants who, with their decades of experience, can guide you to the right property for a profitable investment.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Since the real estate market in Qatar is growing, it only makes sense to put your money where the demand is. Whether you are a serial investor or just starting out in the world of real estate investment, we can guide you on the right path to securing the best returns. 

Higher Rate of Returns

From our market research, we have gathered that villas in Qatar provide an assured rental yield of 4.7%. This value is even higher for apartments (7.1%). Moreover, gross property yields from real estate investments average around 12%, which is much higher than the interest that savings accounts and fixed deposits offer.

Real Estate Services by Najco

At Nasser Al Jaber Group (Najco), we specialise in matching clients with properties that are best suited to their investment needs. Our network of finished, as well as developmental properties, spans the entire nation. Moreover, we send experts to the location for on-site evaluations of your selected properties for investment.

Construction Services
Buy, Sell, and Develop Real Estate
If you are looking for a partner to move ahead in the real estate market of Qatar, then Najco is your best bet. This is because we offer a team of experts who conduct market research, competitor analysis, and target market specifications for your real estate properties. With such a comprehensive support infrastructure, you can now seamlessly buy, sell, and even develop your own real estate property in Qatar.
Hunt for Properties and Compare
Not only can our experts help you buy, sell, and develop a property, but they can also conduct deep hunts into the real estate market. With efficient resources and networks at our disposal, we can help you locate the best possible real estate for you to invest in. Moreover, we can also provide you with a comparative analysis of several properties so that you can choose the most profitable one to put your money in..
The site and Surrounding Evaluation
Our real estate experts and analysts understand that the construction, age, and dimensions of the property are not the only factors that influence real estate prices. Our team of analysts will inspect and evaluate real estate properties for you to invest in. Moreover, we also offer a projection and analysis of the infrastructure and public works development of the surrounding area of the property.
Search for Retail Buyers
Another beneficial service offered to you by Najco is searching for prospective buyers. Once you have purchased your property in Qatar, you may now be looking for buyers. You can sell your real estate to buyers for a significant profit in Qatar. At Najco, we specialise in finding genuine buyers for your real estate property in Qatar.

Why Choose Najco for Real Estate

Nasser Al Jaber Group (Najco) has decades of experience in this sector. Our top experts have watched the gradual development of the entire real estate investment culture in Qatar from the very beginning. Hence, we are more than well-equipped to offer you the best guidance and advice. With our expertise, you can purchase rental properties and develop a passive income.