According to Warren Buffet, when hiring, always look for integrity, intelligence, and energy, because if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. Although ominous, this quote summarises the reality of hiring for employers. This is why most employers rely on technological aids like an Applicant Tracking System. However, an article in the Harvard Business Review suggests that these aids cannot solve the complex problems of employee-organisation fit. On the other hand, some even seek help from outsourced experts like the Manpower and Recruitment Solutions of Najco Qatar. 

If you are struggling with hiring the right employee that is both experienced and the perfect fit for your organisation, here are 5 curated tips that can help you out.

1. Intelligence Over Experience

In today’s dynamic business environment, your company needs agility and flexibility. The most experienced candidate may have a lot to offer. But, according to a Forbes article, it is highly unlikely that they would be willing to deviate from their set methods of work. On the other hand, a lesser experienced but more flexible candidate may often be a better fit. This is because he/she is usually willing to introspect and change their modus operandi based on the requirement.

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2. Hire to Improve and not Replace

One mistake that most employers make when hiring is to seek a replacement for an incumbent. Instead, hiring should be viewed through the lens of corporate growth. The moment you look at hiring as an opportunity to find a better candidate, you will find that a lot of resumes that you rejected earlier, may suddenly seem viable. This can help you find a candidate who may be a better fit for your organisation.

3. Be Inclusive When Hiring

While promoting equity, diversity, and inclusiveness, is the ideal approach, you should not forget the key stakeholders. These stakeholders are the departmental managers and teams that will be working with the new recruit. You should consult each of them to narrow down your outlook on hiring the most suitable candidate. 

4. Avoid the Halo Effect

The halo effect is the tendency to misjudge a positive attribute of a candidate based on an unrelated negative impression. An example of this would be, a candidate who has exemplary references and solid qualifications but an erratic track record of organisational commitment. You need to avoid falling prey to the halo effect and judge such a candidate fairly. Who knows, maybe the positives override the negatives!

5. Candidates are Customers

In today’s competitive labour market and unique perspectives of the millennial workforce, you need to treat candidates like customers. You need to match the candidate’s level of enthusiasm during the interview. Most employers have benefited from establishing an employer brand that treats interviewees with respect and hospitality. This is one of the most effective tips because the perfect employee might just be a smile away!

6. Rely on Expert Assistance

All of the aforementioned can prove to be cumbersome for a few organisations. This is why they rely on outsourced experts for recruitment. Najco helps you get the right people for the right job, at the right time. With the Manpower Solutions & Recruitment of Najco, you have someone who understands your needs, helps you save time and money, and always has an eye for detail. 



Employers today seek to hire unique talent to gain a sustained competitive advantage, NAJCO can help you hiring. If you wish to do the same, it is time you changed your outlook toward recruitment and hiring. You will find the outcomes are more fruitful than when solely relying on technological aids. As a result, you will be able to hire candidates who have integrity, intelligence, and energy.