Chairman’s Message

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

With a humble beginning and great vision, our company is now in the forefront when it comes to delivering excellence.

As the Chairman of the company, I take pride in the fact that my team has taken the company forward. We are now regarded as one of the top solutions management companies in Qatar, with years of professional experience.

Over the years, we have seen the economy of the nation prosper. Qatar is now a highly developed country with growth in every sector. Oil and natural gas, construction, transportation, real estate and other sectors of the economy have flourished in the past decade.

We, at Najco, were able to foresee the potential growth of the country and are immensely pleased to be part of the country’s development.

Our potential lies in our skill, experience and professional management. We work along with our customers, providing solutions for large and small industries.

We share the nation’s development goals and have been an active part of Qatar National Vision 2030. We, like QNV 2030, believe in transforming Qatar into an advanced society capable of sustainable development. We regard the four pillars of development, that is, economy, society, human resources and the environment as our working guidelines.

As part of our endeavour to participate in the Qatar Vision 2030, we have ventured into comprehensive project management, from providing HR solutions, transport logistics, equipment rentals, real estate, MEP contracting and facility management.

Our company comprises a team of young, enthusiastic and a dynamic workforce willing to do what it takes.

I, Nasser Al Jaber, Chairman of The Nasser Al Jaber Group, Najco, whole heartedly welcome you to the world of professional management solutions. I believe that the infrastructure of a country is an important part of nation building. Let’s build a sustainable nation together.

Nasser Al Jaber,