Heavy Equipment Rental Company in Qatar

Qatar Equipment Rental 

As a leading heavy equipment rental company in Qatar, Nasser Al Jaber Group provides our clients with a complete range of equipment solutions including Excavator, Dump Trucks, Boom Trucks, Man lift, Crane. We help you with you construction, infrastructure activities with our hassle-free heavy equipment rental services.

We aim to be an innovative solution provider in this industry by providing heavy equipment rental across a broad range of robust equipment all across Qatar.  Understanding the evolving dynamics of the construction industry, we now offer eco-friendly equipment options to reduce environmental impact Our aim is to provide the highest quality equipment to our clients at the competitive rate possible. We make sure to meet all the necessary safety protocols and ensure regular quality checks for all equipment to ensure safety for everyone.Our expert team is always on hand to provide consultancy to ensure you have the right equipment for your project’s specific needs. Our equipment is available for hire with or without an operator. Equipment can be rented for both long and short-term requirement. We will take care of the maintenance and other basic safety necessities, so you can focus on your projects.

Let us help you elevate your projects to the next level with our comprehensive equipment rental solutions.

Hire Excavators/ Backhoe Loader

We provide the highest quality excavators for our clients so as to have a hassle-free construction site. Our excavators are exceptional quality and performance equipped with load-sensing hydraulic flow systems. This ensures an increase in lift capacity, quick cycle times, and highly precise calculations. The excavators are designed to provide the best when it comes to productivity and precision. We ensure that the excavators consume less fuel without compromising on productivity.

NAJCO a leading mini excavator & Backhoe Loader rental company in Qatar, providing top-tier equipment for seamless construction operations. Alongside our array of high-quality excavators, we specialize in offering versatile mini excavators , backhoe loaders tailored to meet specific project requirements in Qatar.


Hire Dump Trucks

We provide the best quality dump trucks for all your construction needs, especially carrying bulk materials. Our fleet of dump trucks has been recently updated to include the latest models with advanced features such as enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, ensuring that your projects stay environmentally responsible while maintaining high productivity. We have a wide range of robust dump trucks available so as to meet all your specific needs for carrying bulk materials.

Hire Boom Trucks

We provide a wide range of boom trucks for all your heavy lifting needs. Our boom trucks are designed to be durable, have good strength, and stability so that our clients have no trouble lifting heavy loads vertically. To complement these features, our updated fleet includes boom trucks with enhanced lift capacities and advanced safety systems.

Hire Forklift / Man lifts

We provide top-tier. lifting equipment in Qatar. Our company stands out among manlift rental companies in Qatar, forklift rental companies in Qatar, and telehandler rental companies in Qatar. We specialise in providing premium lifting solutions tailored to your needs. 
We provide high-quality man lifts, also known as personnel lifts or personal lifts. These help lift personnel, tools, and materials for performing different maintenance and other activities. To cater to the diverse requirements of our clients, we’ve also introduced a range of electric and hybrid man lifts, promoting environmentally friendly practices without compromising on power or functionality.

We have a wide range of man lifts including self-propelled, push-around, and belt-driven man lifts that help in a wide range of activities even in narrow places.

Hire Cranes

We are a leading crane rental supplier in Qatar, offering high-quality cranes across Qatar that help in lifting and lowering tools and materials and to move them horizontally. Our crane systems are safe, strong, precise, easy to use, and efficient. We have a wide variety of cranes that can be used in a variety of mobile situations

We’re Qatar’s Mobile crane rental supplier in Qatar for 25 Ton, 50 Ton, 70 Ton, 100 Ton, and 220 Ton, offering high-quality cranes designed to handle various lifting and horizontal movement tasks across diverse project requirements. Our commitment to providing top-tier equipment is evident in our fleet, which now boasts the latest models equipped with cutting-edge technology.  

Having invested in a range of technologically advanced cranes and heavy lifting equipment, we have evolved to meet the rising demands of the Industry in Qatar. Rent heavy Equipment like excavators, dump trucks, boom truck, man lifts, cranes, etc in Qatar, feel free to get in touch with us, Nasser Al Jaber Group, to get the best quality heavy equipment rental services in Qatar.

Contact us today to discuss your rental needs. Let us be your partner in achieving project success with our top-notch rental solutions in Qatar.