As a leading facility management company in Qatar, Nasser Al Jaber Group, provides solutions across real estate, commercial, and retail developments in and around Qatar. Our facility management services are functional, safe, and sustainable. We also ensure that the legal requirements and health and safety standards are met. We make sure that our facility management routinely keep structures and infrastructure in good shape and operating condition. Our team of experts ensure the management of equipment and premises regularly so that our clients save on time and money.

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Advantages of hiring a facility management service

It helps businesses run efficiently: A properly managed and maintained infrastructure helps increases the efficiency of a business exponentially. This also helps to mitigate unforeseen situations that can arise in a business.
It helps increase employee morale: Having a properly maintained infrastructure for your business helps increase the productivity of employees, boost their morale, and helps them focus.
It helps save money: Regular preventive maintenance and management of infrastructure help reduce the expenditure by saving on maintenance costs significantly.
It sets a good impression: Your facility is the first impression your clients get of your business. A nicely maintained and managed infrastructure gives a good impression to your visitors and clients.
At Nasser Al Jaber Group, we have a highly trained and experienced professional team that is equipped with the latest tech to make sure that we provide the best solutions as part of our facility management services. Our facility management services help integrate people, places, processes and technology. We ensure that our facility management services are in line with your business’s strategic plan. We work with our clients to understand the specific needs of our clients and share their vision in bringing out the best solution for our clients.

Our facilities management services include hard and soft services like

  • Maintenance and operations, 
  • Lease management, 
  • Occupancy and space management, 
  • Energy management, 
  • Real estate management, 
  • Landscaping services, and much more.
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As the one of the reliable facility maintenance service provider in Qatar, we take pride in always providing the best solutions and have highly qualified professionals serving our clients. If you are looking for a facility management service for your structure, business, or infrastructure, in and around Qatar, feel free to get in touch with us. One of our executives will get in touch with you to understand your requirement in detail and help take things forward.  

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Some of our soft services are:

    • Security services
    • Facade cleaning Services
    • Pool maintenance and cleaning service
    • Pest control services
    • Commercial Fitout management service
    • Parking management service
    • Disinfection services
    • Home improvement service
    • Water tank cleaning
    • Electrical services 
    • Plumbing services