Water tanks are a safe and inexpensive way of storing water for everyday use. Although their installation is cheap and simple, their maintenance requires time and effort. It is common for water tankers to accumulate dirt and debris, and a layer of biofilm may form. This impacts the quality of water, making it unfit for use. To maintain the quality of water, it is important to ensure that the water tankers are cleaned every few months. The World Health Organization suggests that a time interval of 3-6 months is best for cleaning the tanks.

Water Tank Cleaning – Effects on Health

Water tank cleaning in Qatar has several impacts on health and lifestyle. Many individuals procrastinate the task of cleaning their water tanks because of the time or effort that is involved in the process. Cleaning one water tank may take up to 4-6 hours. Water is life. The ability to function effectively will diminish if one continues the usage of water that is unclean and unfit for consumption. The value of having access to clean water is priceless. However, presented below is a list of the top 5 benefits water tank cleaning brings with it.

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1. A Decline in Infections and Diseases

A study by the World Health Organization reveals that water-borne diseases infect around 3 million per year. Diseases and infections like typhoid, cholera, giardia, dysentery, E.coli and hepatitis A are very common. Diarrhoea is a common symptom in all and this one symptom alone is the second leading cause of death for children under the age of 5. Just by ensuring that the water storage tanks are cleaned at suitable time intervals, one can minimise the risk of contracting these infections.

2. Healthier Skin

Contaminated water may result in skin infection. Ringworms and scabies are very common skin issues that crop up due to the usage of contaminated water. These may return months after being treated. Hence, it is best to avoid taking chances. Moreover, using contaminated water for prolonged periods may also result in hair damage.

3. Enhanced Water Filtration

Water filtration alone cannot clean all the impurities from water. Water filtration is only suitable for small impurities and works best if the water tank is cleaned properly from time to time. Cleaning the water tanks supplemented with water filtration enhances the quality of water and makes it healthy for use. 

4. Rust-Free Water Tank

Periodical cleaning of the water tank entails a close inspection of the tank to ensure it is viable for use. The presence of moisture often rusts the material it is in contact with over many years. Re-installing a new tank can be expensive and periodical checks of the water tank also save higher expenses. 

5. No More Plumbing Issues

A plumbing system is very complex and extremely crucial to supply water from the tank to individual units. Since water is supplied through pipelines, contaminated water may also damage the inner walls of pipelines. To prevent damage to the whole system and incurring greater costs to revive it in future, cleaning the tank at intervals is a must. 


The Takeaway

As they say ‘Health is Wealth’, keeping water tanks clean should not be viewed as a preventive measure but as a necessity to maintain good health and maintain a quality lifestyle. With the help of expert water tank cleaning services of Nasser Al Jaber Group, you can now ensure the best of health for yourself and your family.